Any doubts that Le Réchaud is an excellent choice?

New italian restaurant in sandy springs ga
The crab cone and cod are unmissable. The house does not charge a
cork fee, so guests can bring their own wines or gourmet beers.
Present in Curitiba for decades, the Old West Restaurant makes true
reinterpretations of classic cuisine dishes with a hint of
Mexican. Dishes are handcrafted and full of unique flavors. Steaks are
the mainstays of the house, with emphasis on the Steak au poivre: filet
in dark pepper sauce with grated potatoes and gratins and vegetables
in butter. A spectacular view has the power to make any meal more
special, and this Terrazza 40 does it masterfully. Installed on the roof
of the Champagnat Tower Building, the establishment offers two
experiences: the restaurant and a romantic bistro, which is a separate
room with a reduced number of tables. They’re both amazing. Good
music, good wines, you and whoever you love. The restaurant is
known for its fondue festival, which offers fondue of cheese, fish,
meat, chicken, vegetables, in addition to sweet versions with
chocolate, caramel and seasonal fruits.