An increase in power of the electric motors is due to the development of enameled conductors, papers or synthetic insulation films, magnetic plates, aluminum alloys and plastic materials have notably contributed to the reduction of the weight ratio by the power of these machines. Observing the weight of an electric motor of the same power over time, we can see that the current engine is only 8% of its predecessor’s weight in 1891.

Examples are the tiny motors that drive computer hard drives, the wide variety of motors that power appliances, and the giant motors that drive pumps, compressors, fans, mills, extruders and many other applications. https://www.mrosupply.com/motors/ac-motors/commercial-motors/26825_chm344a_baldor/ Comparing the data of catalogs of different manufacturers from different times, we can verify that there was a reduction of weight and, consequently, reduction of the constructive size of the engine for the same power, of approximately 20% every 10 years, except the last two, in which the reduction was less pronounced.

It is clear that there is a need for periodic revision of the standards to adapt the relationship between powers and carcasses to the sizes achieved through technological development. This technological evolution is mainly differentiated by the development of new insulation materials that support higher temperatures. Today electric motors are present in virtually every industrial, commercial and residential facility.

Rotor Rotation Direction

 We use the left hand rule on electric motors to determine the direction of rotation of the armature conductors. This rule consists of: with the thumb, forefinger and middle of the left hand perpendicular to each other, point the indicator towards the magnetic field flow lines and the middle finger in the direction of the current passing through the conductor RAB STL200W-LED , thus the thumb direction of the driver.

Two forces act to produce a torque by turning the coil clockwise, so the electric motor of a single coil is impractical because it has dead centers and the torque that will be produced is pulsating. Switching is fundamental for a DC motor as it reverts to current in a conductor as it moves under a pole of opposite polarity. In a rectangular coil formed by a single loop parallel to a magnetic field, the direction of current in the left conductor is outward while in the right side conductor is inward. As a result, the driver on the left moves upward with a force F1, and the driver on the right hand side moves down with a force equal to F2


Three-phase alternating current electric motors are widely used in industry because in most cases the distribution of electric power is done in alternating current and also in function of simplicity, robustness and low cost, being suitable for almost all types of machines found, so this type of engine is widely found in the industry. It has constant speed and can vary depending on some factors as loads applied to its axis.https://www.mrosupply.com/hydraulics-and-pneumatics/hose-reels/2517404_112-3-100_coxreels/

The three-phase induction motor generally operates at constant speed provided by the rotating magnetic field, so the speed of the field is called the synchronous speed, and is a function of two factors, which are: Magnetic poles generated as a function of their physical construction and Frequency the electrical network on which it is installed.


We can thus say that the speed of the electric induction motor is directly proportional to frequency and inversely proportional to the number of magnetic poles. Its working principle is based on the rotating magnetic field, which appears when a three-phase alternating current system is applied to physically out of phase poles of 120º. In this way, a magnetic field appears in this set of motor coils, these magnetic fields.

Servomotors – What are they?

Currently the servomotors are included in the category of special motors, being considered precision motors and can be applied in the most diverse activities, of which stand out the positioning systems; industrial robotics; transport lines; flexible manufacturing systems. The servomotors have a range of characteristics that distinguish them from the other engines and have a high dynamic, that is, they operate at several speeds with constant torque, they also have a strict torque control, that is, one can easily act on the torque of the servomotor to raise and lower without damaging the servomotor.

In addition to these features the servomotors have an enormous precision of their speed as well as the position of their rotor, due to the fact of their control devices. Servomotors are currently divided into the following types: Alternating Current Asynchronous Servomotor skf bearing 22222 e/c3, Alternating Current Synchronous Servomotor and Continuous Current Servomotor, Step Servomotors, Switch Reluctance Servomotors and Induction Servomotors. Prior to the increase in power electronics and magnetically hard materials, the servo motors were DC-powered having a brush-collector assembly. The torque control of this type of motors was quite simple and presented a good precision for the time.

Single Phase Motors

Single-phase induction electric motors are small machines, developed for fractional powers. The vast majority of these engines are made with powers lower than a CV. These engines have utility in home appliances, shops, factories. A standard residence in the United States of America uses a dozen or more single-phase motors. These engines are quite simple to manufacture and are classified according to their starting system used, since they are electric motors that have no starting torque.

The single-phase induction motor baldor vm3538 has rotor with winding of the squirrel cage type and stator with distributed winding. The current working through the winding located in the rotor is an induced current, in accordance with Faraday’s induction law and because of no starting torque, if the stator winding is fed, the rotor will not initiate the rotational movement. However, if an initial rotation in the rotor is given, with the help of the hand or other means such as a lever, the rotor will continue the movement while the stator winding will continue to feed.

Continuous Current Motors

The DC electric machine was for some time the most appropriate solution to problems in which it was essential to vary the speed during operation, and because of the simplicity to change the speed with this type of electric motor, which can be obtained by varying the continuous supply voltage or varying the intensity of the magnetic field. This has resulted in its widespread use in the past. In addition, in situations where only continuous power supplies were arranged, it was more feasible to use a DC machine than to convert DC to AC, using electric motors that are powered by an alternating current.

The DC machine baldor vem3709t has two main parts: the stator and the rotor. The stator and rotor are separated by the air gap. The stator is the part of the machine that is stationary, that is, has no movement. The rotor is the moving or rotating part. Both stator and rotor are built using ferromagnetic materials and it is necessary to increase the flow density and thereby decrease the size of the machine.

Motors- Definitions

The electric motor is a machine designed to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy and has evolved over time to serve diverse applications. In 1885 the Italian physicist Galileo Ferraris, based on the studies of Michael Faraday’s electromagnetic induction law shown in 1831, developed the asynchronous electric motor of alternating current which can also be synchronous or asynchronous, single-phase or three-phase.

With regard to the power supply of electric motors we have two items that we must consider; the dimensioning of the power cables and the characteristics of the service network. NBR is the acronym for Brazilian Standards of Regulation. The standards of NBR 17094 indicated for the voltages and frequencies must be complied with in relation to the characterization of the power grid. Already for the sizing of power cables of the electric motors determined by its nominal current, they must obey the indications of the NBR 5410.

As time passed, various types and models of electric motors were developed, and these were being refined according to the needs that were appearing. Today, electric motors are found in the most diverse shapes and sizes, each suited to their task, no matter how much torque or power an engine needs to develop.


Hoje em dia, escolher um corretor de imóveis pode ser como tirar uma agulha de um palheiro.

Existem tantas opções de escolha que muitos compradores e
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Como aproveitar as oportunidades do mercado imobiliário

É normal ver histórias de pessoas que perderam grandes oportunidades do mercado imobiliário. Eu, pessoalmente, já tive a oportunidade de comprar um pequeno lote de um homem que tinha urgência em fazer a venda.

Acredite, na época, o lote estava sendo vendido por 5 mil reais. Atualmente, cerca de três anos depois, o valor quintuplicou para 25 mil. Eu sabia que estava perdendo uma grande oportunidade, mas naquele momento possuía uma dívida e não tive como fechar o negócio.

Esteja atento ao que acontece na sua região

Para que o mesmo não ocorra com você, tenha contatos e esteja por dentro dos imóveis que estão sendo vendidos na sua região. Normalmente, fazer a compra direto com o vendedor sai muito mais barato do que procurar uma corretora. imobiliaria central

Então, se você quer aproveitar as oportunidades do mercado imobiliário, preste muita atenção na próxima dica:

O mercado imobiliário é dinâmico

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Isso é importante porque essa experiência vai te ajudar a identificar e aproveitar as oportunidades do mercado imobiliário!