Single Phase Motors

Single-phase induction electric motors are small machines, developed for fractional powers. The vast majority of these engines are made with powers lower than a CV. These engines have utility in home appliances, shops, factories. A standard residence in the United States of America uses a dozen or more single-phase motors. These engines are quite simple to manufacture and are classified according to their starting system used, since they are electric motors that have no starting torque.

The single-phase induction motor baldor vm3538 has rotor with winding of the squirrel cage type and stator with distributed winding. The current working through the winding located in the rotor is an induced current, in accordance with Faraday’s induction law and because of no starting torque, if the stator winding is fed, the rotor will not initiate the rotational movement. However, if an initial rotation in the rotor is given, with the help of the hand or other means such as a lever, the rotor will continue the movement while the stator winding will continue to feed.